Who are the owners and how did they get into this business?

Jan Zivic and Lisa Schoonerman are both business women with a vested interest in brain fitness. Jan suffered a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident several years ago; after many years of rehab often using exercises similar to some of the offerings at vibrantBrains, she continues to be dedicated to brain fitness! Lisa’s mother has a neurodegenerative disease called frontotemporal dementia; when she learned of this, Lisa began learning as much as she could about the brain and ways to keep it healthy throughout life.

Why would I come to vibrantBrains? Can’t I do these programs at home?

Coming in to vibrantBrains may not suit everyone’s situation, but for those who are able, benefits include friendly, on-site assistance with the programs, a dedicated environment in which to complete your programs (studies show people are significantly more likely to adhere to, and therefore benefit from, the programs when undertaken in a dedicated environment), and social interaction is also a key component of brain health, so you are benefitting your brain in more ways than one!

Is vibrantBrains for me?

Yes! Practically anyone – unless a person is in the later stages of a form of dementia, these programs can help anyone of any age who wants to keep their mind in top shape or perhaps feels concerned about cognitive decline.

How often do I need to come in to work on these programs?

Think of your brain as being like a muscle. In order to see results, consistency is very important. We recommend doing programs three times to five times per week, for at least 30 minutes per session. Just as you would see greater physical benefit with 3 or 4 cardio workouts a week than with 1 or 2, the same holds true with your cognitive abilities.

How long until I see results?

It depends on the individual and where his or her starting point is, and it also varies by how closely he or she adheres to the protocols of the particular program. Some people report noticeable changes in as little as 2 weeks to one month.

Do the effects of the programs last?

Yes; research has shown that benefits of some exercises can be maintained for up to 5 years after the original exercises. Naturally there is a lot more investigation to be made since many of the programs are relatively new. Scientist think this is because once cognitive skills such as memory have been improved, a person is likely to use that skill more often than before, and that use therefore serves as constant training.

I’ve had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); will these programs help me?

There is very good reason to believe that cognitive training can be helpful for folks recovering from TBI; the software companies report that some of their most emphatic customer emails are from people who are recovering from TBI. For example, Posit Science client and TBI survivor Ryan Reitmeyer has had fantastic results from using the Brain Fitness Program. Ryan’s miraculous story can be found on YouTube here.

I have / I think I have ADD; will these programs help me?

We have programs that exercise and improve attention and working memory skills. Most people with ADHD have poor working memory.

Are the programs covered by insurance?

This process is changing. If referred by a physician, it is possible that some programs may be covered. We hope that in the near future, they will be covered, but the answer is not certain at this juncture. It is best to work with your doctor or insurance provider to explore this possibility.

Are these programs for kids?

All of the programs except Fast ForWord were developed for adults.

Can I buy the programs for home use?

Yes; nearly all of the software programs that we use at vibrantBrains are for sale for home use. Studies show however that when a person works on the program in a dedicated environment with people with like-minded goals, he or she is more likely to finish the program and therefore see results.

Are all of your programs computerized?

No- most of them are, but we also offer seminar type programs in the brain health and fitness arena. The UCLA memory training course is a five week seminar designed to equip you with tactics to remember things like faces, names, phone numbers, shopping lists, birthdays with ease! Minding Your Mind is an eight week seminar on ways one can cope and deal with everyday life and stressors using the cognitive behavioral techniques coupled with relaxing meditation.