Our programs are designed for people of all ages who wish to sharpen their thinking, memory, language, reasoning, attention, focus and visual spatial skills.

If you prefer to do your program from home but would like some assistance, check out our new vibrantBrains Home Coaching Program for more information.

NeoCORTA Brain Fitness Check-Up

Your brain fitness journey begins with the Brain Fitness Check-up. The Check-up is a self-paced questionnaire that enables you to define your personal brain health goals. It also measures 32 key factors that influence how you think and feel. NeoCORTA’s experts use your Check-up data to forecast potential changes in your brain fitness. Learn More

The vibrantBrains Neurobics Circuit®

Enjoy all of our computer-based brain exercises that can lead to quicker thinking, increased alertness, elevated mood and improved concentration. Work with a vibrantBrains staff member to customize your own brain workout. Does not include Fast ForWord. Learn More

The Posit Science® Brain Fitness Program Classic™

A training program designed to improve memory, alertness and understanding skills in adults. Learn More

Posit Science® Cortex™ with InSight™

Posit Science’s newest program for the visual system of the brain. An improvement in visual processing and memory can help people feel sharper and more confident while driving and other vision intensive activities. Learn More

Mind Evolve from vibrantBrains

Research has shown this challenging working memory exercise program to increase fluid intelligence by 40%. Learn More or Purchase for Home Use

Fast ForWord™ Reading and Literacy

A program that helps teens read faster and more efficiently. Learn More

MindFit™ from CogniFit

A scientifically validated comprehensive cognitive training program for the active baby boomer. Learn More

Minding Your Mind

A stress management and mindfulness class taught by Dr. Domonick Wegesin Learn More